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Sigma contracts with independent labs to ensure our material meets your requirements. In addition to physical properties our labs offer non destructive testing, fracture mechanics, corrosion testing, metallography and chemical analysis. At Sigma we thoroughly inspect all incoming material. Inspection includes hardness testing, mic’ing, dry magging, and traceability.

Testing Glossary

Heat Treating

Through long term personal relationships, Sigma has extensive heat treating capabilities. We offer water, oil, and polymer quenching with batch and continuous line furnaces that can accommodate most sizes. We also offer sand blasting and straightening services.

Heat Treating Glossary


We can turn, trepan, bore, hone, gundrill, off center drill pull bore, pack bore, skive, ream, roller, burnish, Kelly/spiral mill, rough machine, straighten, etc.

Machining Glossary


We will cut to length, split in half, angle cut with quick deliveries.

Cutting Types

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